Analyzing Provider Compensation Trends

Identify Impacted Providers

Geographic Location

Group or Sub-Specialist

Individual Provider

Review Possible Causes

Provider Productivity Changes

Provider Utilization Changes

Revenue Cycle Issues

Review Dashboard & Determine Drivers

  • Declining office sessions
  • Changes in New/Established patient ratios
  • Fewer patients per session
  • Declining surgical sessions
  • Fewer surgical cases per sessions
  • Ancillary yield (PT/MRI)
  • Labor costs not aligned to productivity changes
  • Increase in the time it takes for a patient to get an appointment
  • Significant decreases in wait times/market demand changes
  • Increase in no show appointments
  • Increase in same day canceled appointments
  • Decreased patient satisfaction with office
  • Decreased patient satisfaction with provider
  • Call Center issues relating in satisfaction issues
  • External provider referral pattern changes
  • Payor mix changes related to external referrals
  • Ancillary leakage
  • Time of service collection issues
  • Increased missing tickets (office or surgery)
  • Under coding compared to bell curve trends
  • Changes in AR Days or AR Aging
  • Increase in denials
  • Payor mix shift for office or surgical visits
  • Decrease in charges per office or surgical encounter
  • Decrease in revenue per office or surgical encounter

Analyze Related KPIs (Assess Root Cause/Measure Improvement)

  • Sessions Worked Year Over Year
  • New & Established Visits Year Over Year
  • Office Visit Per Session Year Over Year
  • Office Visits Per Session by Month
  • Surgical Yield
  • Arrived Patients Per Clinical Support FTE
  • X-Ray Procedures Per Rad Tech FTE
  • Total Appointments per Appt. Scheduler
  • Test/Surgeries Per Test/Scheduler FTE
  • PT/MRI Yield
  • New/Established Patient Wait Times
  • Same Day Cancel & No Show By Provider
  • Same Day
  • Patient Satisfaction (Facility)
  • Patient Satisfaction (Provider)
  • Payor Mix (By Referring Provider)
  • Referring Provider Charges By Provider
  • PT Leakage
  • MRI Leakage
  • Answered Calls Percentage
  • Abandoned Calls Percentage
  • Average Caller Wait Times
  • Office Time of Service Collections
  • Surgical Pre-Collections
  • MRI Pre-Collections
  • Missing Tickets-Office
  • Missing Tickets-Hospital
  • Established & New Visit Coding Curve
  • AR Days & Days Over 120
  • AR Aging (By Payor/By Revenue CTR/By Type)
  • Payor Mix By Visit Type
  • Revenue Per Encounter (New/Est/Surgery)
  • Charges Per Encounter (New/Est/Surgery)

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